1) Who was our class president Senior Yr?
Doug Milne
Reid Graham
Dave Miller
Kathy Watson
2) What was the high school play in the spring of 1970?
My fair lady
The Gazebo
Arsenic and Old lace
Music Man

3) Who was editor in chief of Neirad?
Jean Butler
Mark Mangini
Don Kennerly
Lynn Francesconi
4) What Band played at DHS in 1970?
Blood Sweat and Tears
Jay and the Americans
The Turtles
James Gang

5) Who was home coming queen?
Lynn Reische
Robin McGrath
Robin Venarde
Kathy Watson
6) What song did the Senior Class sing at Graduation?
Climb Every Mountain
YouÂ’ll Never Walk Alone
Where do I go?
Both Sides Now